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Jan 4, 2020 - Explore BTC Sniffer's board "bitcoin address" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain. I guess knowing what java classes Coldfusion uses for their tag is an advantage in this kind of situation, are there any references for that coldfusion->java relation ? – Prastha Sep 6 '13 at 12:25. Not specifically, afaik. But invoking Object.toString(), to obtain a simple "textual representation" of a complex object, is a standard convention in java, which CF has adopted as well. So once ... 10 Bitcoin terms you need to be aware of before investing Bitcoin has completed 11 years in the market, initially, it had come with a few jargon of its own, over time it developed some. Let us learn about those jargons, that as an investor you must know of. 1. Blockchain . Blockchain is the term that frequently appears with bitcoin. Actually, ColdFusion will treat the string 07-10-1983 as a date since it is in a valid format for dates. Try running this code to verify: writeDump( isDate( '07-10-1983' ) ); The problem is that ColdFusion is interpreting the date incorrectly assuming the first part is the month when in fact it is the date. Hence why the OP states the month and date are incorrect. if this really works and is not a scam, US government buys/collects zillions of computers, build bitcoin mine farms, and print money all the time :) and there are companies that rents cpu/gpu claiming you rent it for 20$ and make 100$ bc or some other digital currency!

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