5 Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware ASIC Machines (2020 Rigs)

ethtrader Glossary of Terms

I recently introduced a friend to our humble, little subreddit and they quickly pointed out that the language spoken here did not appear to be English. I suppose we do toss around a fair amount of acronyms, memes, and slang. I put together a quick glossary of terms for them and figured I should post it here in case any other new ethtraders can benefit from it:

Trading Related:

Crypto-currency related, but not really specific to Ethereum:

Terms more specific to Ethereum


Any mistakes I made? Any terms you would add?
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Napkin Math: Total Global Average Cost to Mine a bitcoin

I've made a few assumptions below to try to come to a very generalized understanding of what a bitcoin costs to mine on average, globally, post "halvening." I'm not trying to be too precise and would be happy if I was within 10%-15% of what may actually be true. I tried to stay somewhat conservative (I think) in the estimates by assuming that all mining equipment is the best of the best, and that all electricity is relatively cheap (I understand some operations in China don't pay for electricity).
If there are any glaring mistakes, or major issues I've missed which could skew the result significantly, I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
Electricity Cost:
Depreciation Cost:
NOTE: I assumed a linear depreciation cost over 180 days useful life of the mining rig. I honestly don't know how long people keep miners (professional, not hobbyists). It does appear that new/better models come out about every 6 months though. It also appears that older mining rigs, at most 2 development cycles old, aren't cost effective. I didn't regard it as appropriate to this estimate to include the few 2 year old USB miners that some hobbyists are using in their basement or attic somewhere. Also, I've heard that some mining manufacturers mine with their new stock first before cleaning it up and sending out for sale, further hurting the ROI on older equipment.
Combining the Electricity Cost and Depreciation Cost together we get: (Network Electricity Cost Per Coin) + (Depreciation Cost per Coin) = ($43.30) + ($715.79) = $759.09
Property, Plant, and Labor Cost: This is tough and can have a lot of factors. I've written down many but to keep this post length somewhat reasonable, I'm going to simply add on a 15% additional cost to the previous total = (1.15) x ($759.09) =
So, the Global Total Mining Average Cost to collectively mine a bitcoin at 12.5 coins awarded per block is about: $872.95
As we can see, the Depreciation expense is the biggest factor in the estimate. Any adjustments to the assumption of mining equipments' usable life would significantly affect the estimate. Additionally, this estimate is basically a current "snapshot" of the mining landscape and doesn't include network growth and its effects on mining over time.
Again, this is just some napkin math I threw together from a base of assumptions and wasn't intended to be exact. I appreciate hearing any major faults you find in the assumptions or methodology and any suggestions you have regarding the numbers.
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Up to $120 bounties for answering altcoin mining questions

I'm thinking about sinking some major money into mining. Probably $15,000 to $20,000. Not all up front but sliding into it pretty quickly.
I've got about three rigs up and running with ethereum but I have several issues I want input on. I am setting aside a $40 bounty for the three top answers ($20 for the top, two $10 for the runner ups) paid in bitcoins. I will be posting this in several places.
If there is a REALLY good answer I will offer an additional $80 (total of $100) for the top answer. This is my research that may save me from making a big mistake.
I live in the Midwest with temperature that hits 100f / 38c for 3 to 4 consecutive months a year. I want to run this operation in my garage.
Cooling. This is by far my biggest concern. I live in the Midwest with three months of 100f / 38c per year. I've dealt with this before with litecoin. I don't want to have to air condition. In my previous experience fans aren't adequate.
Will this gpu be able to stay cool at the temps I've mentioned without air conditioning?
If not … does anyone have experience using dialetric fluid / oil to submersible the cards in? I'm going to have to cool the oil somehow right? Is there a book way to do this? (Drop sealed containers of ice in the vat, pump it thru an oil radiator?
Hardware. As linked above I'm leaning towards the 390X to try to retain value a year from now. I'm thinking of using this motherboard
USB risers. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Powered-PCI-E-Express-1X-To-16X-Extender-Riser-Card-With-60CM-USB-3-0-Cable-/301105921855?hash=item461b4fbf3f:g:oGMAAMXQuTNTMSBV
Mining. Has anyone developed a proprietary ether miner they are selling? Has vertcoin or monero mining stayed profitable with a .09 kw electric rate between the litecoin dropout and today if you are able to get a good cooling (non ac) system in place?
Power. I'm leaning towards this as my PSU. http://holybitcoin.com/product/dps-2000bb-breakout-adapter-board/ (I know I'll have to install a fan for the PSU). I'm fairly comfortable with the electric side of things until it gets to the PSU (I understand amps, volts, watts, and required wire gauges. Any warnings on running server PSUs?
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I could use some help/suggestions finding upgrades for my current rig (MOBO, GPU, and CPU)

I build my desktop back in 2012 and it's got a fair amount of hours on it at this point. I'm not having "performance issues" exactly, but I am noticing a few slow down points that seem abnormal. For example if I've got a torrent or steam download running and say 7 chrome tabs response time begins to diminish.
I've done a fair amount of troubleshooting to see if I can clean things up (defrag, disk clean up, virus scans, reformat drives, re-image primary drive which is SSD, etc.) and i'm still having some issues. So I'm looking to bite the bullet so to speak and upgrade...thought without breaking the back.
I don't have a hard price limit, but I'm not looking to spend $1500 to upgrade.
Components I'm looking to upgrade
The Mobo and CPu were bought knew in 2012, the Radeon R9's I boght used from a friend 2-3 years ago. He only used them for bitcoin mining and had less than 100 hours on them.....I know this is my biggest limitation so this is number #1 on my upgrade list.
Other components in Rig
I've looked at /buildapcsales for deals, but have had a hard time deciding on specific parts. Any suggestions or assistance is greatly appreciated.
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5 AntMiner S1's for my home mining rig?

Sometime mid next week (Jan 19-21) I should have ~$5,000-6,000 in PayPal. I am looking to buy 5 S1's direct from BitMain.
I've got a few questions/concerns however.
The biggest concern right now is being able to buy $5,000 of bitcoin, using PayPal. I'm 16, so withdrawing all that money to my student checking account is a no-go. My mom also doesn't want to give PayPal her tax ID, and credit card so she has unlimited withdrawing capabilities. I plan on asking around the Chicago Bitcoin Meetup if anyone there would be able to sell me that much Bitcoin, and for PayPal or something along those lines.
After I get the bitcoins, and the S1's delivered, any advice on keeping them cool, and clean? They'll probably go in my basement, and I'm thinking about some kind of horizontal rack, and cooling system. I'd like to overclock them to 208 gh/s. One of my friends has built a LN2 creator before, and was talking to me about possibly doing this for all my BTC miners, so we could further overclock them, increasing profitability.
I'd expect some kind of decent ROI with this setup, and yes current profiribility calculators will probably tell you I won't make much, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume Bitcoins will be at, or over $1,000 a pop by SeptembeOctober of 2014.
I also plan on using Coinwarz and mine the most profitable coin each day, and sell via cryptsy. I'll also just save some bitcoins for the future.
What kind of PSU's should I get for 5 of these bad-boys? Would 2 1050w PSU's and then another 700w one be alright?
My friend, who bought an Avalon Asic Batch 2 last year for ~$1,500 made a great ROI, and he is doing the same exact thing I am with this project. Except that he might end up with 10 S1's, while I'll have 5 of them.
If anyone has any advice for me, I'd love to hear it. I've been following Bitcoin very heavily sense I first herd about it in 2008 (It was only $2 a pop when I just went on #otc) but this will be my very first mining rig of my own. I've mined of my GPU/CPU using various coins, along with my usb asic, but this will be a large project/rig.
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Rig Building: How do you spec PSU needs?

I started mining dogecoins earlier this week after not having mind any virtual current since bitcoin first came out. Times sure have changed so I was pretty much starting from scratch. One of the things that drew me in was the supportive community and the benefits of scrypt over sha256. Wow!
I was mining on whatever hardware I had laying around: an out-dated gaming rig with a 750w PSU powering a GTX 560 ti along with 4 SATA disks, probably more fans than are needed, and a base core2duo system. I was getting about 240 Kh/s... not too bad for spare parts! I get the feeling that a lot of our fellow diggers also got started in a similar way.
Being that I want to help go to the moon, I started looking at my other old hardware. I found a Radeon HD 5770 thats been sitting in my basement for a few years. Should be good for another~ 200 Kh/s? SWEET! So I plugged it in and IT WAS AWESOME... for about 12 hours. Then my power supply cooked itself :(
I guess a GTX 560ti, HD 5770, 4 7200 RPM drives, etc were too much for my trusty old Corsair TX750W :( Anyone else ever make a similar mistake? Besides just using an over-sized power supply, can anything be done to protect against this? Ie, any fusing options or anything to look for in a PSU? I'd be nice to able to just flip a breaker or replace a fuse instead of having to buy a new PSU.
Secondly, as I'm sure many diggers have also done, I ordered a couple new GPUs today - a couple Radeon HD 7870s (only $175 each!!!). I need a new power supply anyway, so I may as well plan ahead. How does one figure how much of a PSU they'll need? I can look up specs for most stuff and add it up, by a lot of GPUs only spec out power needs for the system and assume they'll be a single card. With a setup using 3 or 4 GPUs, I'm quickly exceeding the biggest PSUs on the market! Is there a better way of doing it? What about accounting for the base system, fans, usb devices, etc?
FWIW, I'm thinking of getting an EVGA SuperNOVA 1300G2 Power supply. Anyone try this?
PS: to make my sad story a bit sadder: I mentioned I used to mine bitcoin back ~2009. They were worthless so I stopped. I had 20-30 coins in my wallet, mostly from faucets. Spent all weekend searching old hard drives and finally found my old wallet! Too bad I cant remember the password for it vOv
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A look inside America's largest Bitcoin mining operation ... Gekkoscience NewPac - USB BTC Mining (100 GH/s + on ... BitFury USB Bitcoin Miner - The most powerful USB miner ... HOW TO BUILD A MINING RIG + BEST GPUs IN 2020 ! - YouTube NiceHash Mining OS USB how to - YouTube

Digital money that’s instant, private, and free from bank fees. Download our official wallet app and start using Bitcoin today. Read news, start mining, and buy BTC or BCH. One of the biggest challenges to determining precise Bitcoin mining profitability is a mining operation’s geographic location. Places that have high electric costs and warmer environments can make it much harder to achieve a solid ROI. Locations with cheaper electric costs and cooler environments at least make profitability a possibility. Typically, places that have an abundance of ... Expensive Bitcoin mining hardware is unique, fast and efficient. To make a fortune from the Bitcoin mining business, be ready to invest. Aim for value and quality in your purchase. Once you have an idea of the factors to look for as mentioned above, the hunt for the best hardware for bitcoin mining begins. To make it easy for you, we have ... The best Bitcoin mining rig is a mining farm in China. Since most of us are not able to participate in this tantalizing yet capital-intensive business activity, we are left to mine all of the ... Um Bitcoin Mining zu betreiben, müssen Sie einem Miningpool beitreten, was zusätzliche Kosten verursacht. Für das Mining benötigen Sie entsprechende Hardware. Auch hier kommen Kosten auf Sie zu. Je nachdem, wie leistungsfähig Ihr Bitcoin Miner sein soll, zahlen Sie bis zu 2.000 Euro. Es ist nicht bekannt, ob sich Mining auch in Zukunft noch lohnen wird. Wenn Sie nicht genau wissen, was ...

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A look inside America's largest Bitcoin mining operation ...

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