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This week in Bitcoin- 1-10-2020- Stifling AMLD5 EU regulation, A Post-Capitalist Future? Netherlands Satoshi Radio Podcast #74 - Simon Lelieveldt over de naderende WWFT implementatie Hup Bitcoin #20  Met Simon Lelieveldt over de nieuwe cryptowet Introductie blockchain en cryptocurrencies - Simon Lelieveldt - Rode Hoed (19-2-2018) Bitcoin whitepaper – 10 years – Amsterdam celebration

In het onderstaande Café Weltschmerz interview van Robert Nass met Simon Lelieveldt wordt besproken wat de nieuwe Financial Action Task Force (FATF) maatregel… And as we go along I will take stock of developments and responses. As you may notice, I will be judging Facebook by a very high standard. The reason for that is simple. If an organisation has so many resources available, I expect them to come up with careful, consistent and accurate thinking, wording and technology. And as a sneak preview: this is not what we got over the last week. While the ... Banking and payment expert Simon Lelieveldt believes they are living on borrowed time. “There is always a power base underlying a currency,” he said, speaking at the Digital Money Forum in London in March. “Bitcoin is not going to fly because there is no central bank or power base. It’s doomed to fail.” But its separation from power is precisely what attracts many users. “Bitcoin ... Now that the bitcoin price is heading towards $10K and beyond, we see another wave of interest in the cryptocurrency domain. Regulators warn about the risk of Initial Coin Offerings and news bulletins keep on re-discussing what is happening in this space. It's a matter of private currencies and tokens What we are looking at in the cryptocurrency, blockchain and distributed ledger space is that ... Bitcoin Magazine NL voorziet je van de laatste technische analyses en interviews met key players in de wereld van bitcoin. In deze aflevering met Simon Lelieveldt bespreken we de nieuwe 'cryptowet' en het effect op bitcoin bedrijven in Nederland. De Eerste Kamer heeft dinsdagavond (21 april) de anti-witwaswet vrijwel unaniem aangenomen.

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This week in Bitcoin- 1-10-2020- Stifling AMLD5 EU regulation, A Post-Capitalist Future? Netherlands

Met een gedegen kennis van zowel de traditionele bancaire wereld als de nieuwste cryptovaluta, is Simon Lelieveldt uitgegroeid tot luis in de pels van regelgevers en toezichthouders. “Crypto is ... FATF Guidelines and What They Get Wrong About Bitcoin feat. Simon Lelieveldt - Duration: 23 minutes. 13 views; 9 months ago; 38:06. Being John McAfee - Duration: 38 minutes. 92 views; 9 months ago ... During his speech, Simon Lelieveldt presented an ICO that is a world’s first: an Iepen Coin Offering. Iep stands for Elm and it refers to the 130 year Elm that until 2017 stood on the exchange ... Tucson, AZ- This week in Bitcoin we have an international panel with two new guests. Simon Lelieveldt is an expert on the European/Netherlands regulation situation, Brad Mills is a Canadian known ... Simon Lelieveldt: adviseur voor diverse banken op het gebied van innovatief betalingsverkeer. Hij is tevens actief op het terrein van de geschiedenis van geld en financieel erfgoed.