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P1OUT = BIT6BIT4; //This sets the output value of BIT6 and BIT4 to 1/switches them on. The green LED and the transistor. 23. 24. return 0; 25.} Let’s take a look at the code above. Line 1 includes the msp430 header, which corresponds to the MCU we are using. Is it possible in C++ to define BIT0, BIT1, BIT2 in another way in C++ without using #define? #define BIT0 0x00000001 #define BIT1 0x00000002 #define BIT2 0x00000004 I then take the same thing an... When you're bitbanging, you're pushing P1OUT High and Low. This is not what you should do. You should be switching the GPIO between driving Low and High Impedance (P1DIR &= ~BIT) so that the pullup you have on the lines (you do have them right?), pull them up for High. Remember that I2C is open drain and you need to emulate this using the MSP430. Both pins should default to high impedance so ... I am trying to learn about UART communication with my MSP430FR6989 microcontroller from TI (link), and that is a link for the User Guide (link) The idea of my mini project is to connect the MSP430 2018.9.10教师节:马云宣布明年教师节(2019.9.10),不再担任阿里巴巴集团董事局主席一职,由张勇接任。 2018.9.10教师节:《区块链应用技术》全校公选课第一次课成功开讲!选课学生100人上限,还有不少想学的学生没有选上,希望教务处可以弥补这个遗憾。

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