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I saw a sign saying "Maine Bitcoin LLC" /r/Bitcoin

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Researcher: traders trade mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum

Researcher: traders trade mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum

Researcher: traders trade mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum
The Block analyst Larry Chermak came to the conclusion that the “lion’s share” of spot trading volumes on the largest exchanges falls on Bitcoin and Ethereum.
More than 50% of the total trading volume on Binance falls on BTC and ETH, despite the fact that the exchange supports about 200 different coins.

32% of the Binance trading volume falls on Bitcoin, 14% — on Ethereum, 3.1% — on the BNB token
Bitcoin and Ethereum account for 81.2% of the trading volume on the Bitfinex exchange. For Bitstamp, this figure is at 80.4%, for Kraken — 75%, for Coinbase — 61%.

Coinbase and Kraken listings have less than 40 coins. Bitstamp currently supports a total of 7 crypto assets.

BTC / USD statistics

The historically most liquid BTC / USD trading pairs on four exchanges — Bitfinex, Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitstamp.
The average daily trading volume is still very far from the late 2017 — early 2018 marks.

In December 2017, the daily trading volume for Kreken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp and Kraken was approaching $2 billion.

In March 2020, the daily turnover in the BTC / USD pair at the above exchanges reached $492 million. By June, the figure fell to $291.3 million, which is 36% less than in May.
Since 2017, the share of the Bitfinex exchange in this segment has decreased from 50% to less than 20%. During this time, Bitstamp managed to maintain its position, while Coinbase managed to increase the BTC / USD market share to 40%.
Recall that in May the volume of trading in futures, options and perpetual swaps exceeded $600 billion.
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Today Bittrex is doing a verified AMA about the Bitcoin Halving at r/IAmA. To celebrate the Halving they are giving away 2 prizes of Half a Bitcoin each on the main Bitcoin subreddit. (XPOST)

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Bitcoin Core Developers Release v0.20.0 of the Main Bitcoin Client

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[NOOB] How/Why do you think cryptos (mainly Bitcoin, since largest) will replace normal currency? It is always compared to other currencies in value and while trading, and I've heard that the total Bitcoin in circulation is fixed (20 mil right?) . Isn't that a disadvantage?Money will never increase?

Another disadvantage is the fact that the value of one Bitcoin is so high. Like how do you manage to say 0.00001 BTC every time? Shouldn't currencies be in hundreds, thousands? There should always be something for BTC to be compared to right? A traditional, paper currency? Only then will the value fluctuate and trade happen? You don't have to actually answer them if this question is common on this sub. A previous answer, articles or video is good for me too.
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Happy Tipping Tuesday! Now that this sub is the main Bitcoin sub in terms of activity, it's time for everyone to get some Education and some free Bitcoin. Post here and get free bits! Bitcoin Cash will defeat the legacy banking oligarch system!

As someone who cares about Liberty and freedom, I have instinctively understood the importance of Bitcoin for spreading economic freedom across the globe. Being sick of the legacy too-big-to-fail central bank fiat bailout scam systems where they print the money from thin air, I saw Bitcoin as a tool that can really liberate humanity and help us reach our ultimate potential. The fact is economic freedom improves this world, and the stakes are very large. We are fighting an oligarch banking system that prints money out of thin air, holding back humanity's potential with their scam system that only works to enslave and not liberate humanity. In the past people fought for liberty and gave their lives on bloody battlefields. Today we fight troll wars on social media, but the stakes are quite similar, if not multiplied in this new technological age. By supporting Bitcoin and Satoshi's vision of a worldwide honest cash system, its one of the only ways to help lift humanity up to our ultimate limitless potential. The oligarch's saw this threat which is why we are under heavy attacks. They stole Bitcoin and the ticker, and crippled the system with high fees, unreliable transactions, and Trojan horse tech, but Bitcoin Cash adapted, survived, and lives on as the common sense continuation of the money ledger. It turns out that its not so easy to stop an idea whose time has come.
Bitcoin Cash is the true Bitcoin that follows Satoshi's vision of common sense and on-chain scaling. BCH is The Manifestation of the Honey Badger. Trolls will point to market cap and say BCH is losing and not the real Bitcoin. However they fail to understand the nature of the war we are fighting. Bitcoin is all about breaking oligarchy, as nChain's paper explains. We are fighting against a banker oligarch takeover of Bitcoin. Since they print money from thin air, they have us outgunned when it comes to market capitalization/price. This is what the trolls do not understand. To think that the oligarch bankers that control the money monopoly would not try to attack the Bitcoin system would be naive. It appears they have pumped the BTC-Core price to outrun Bitcoin Cash the real Bitcoin as soon as their trojan segwit tech was deployed. They likely will use segwit, strangled blocks, and Lightning Network as the strangler fig to usurp the system changing it to fiat legacy banking system 2.0. What they don't want people to realize is that Bitcoin was always the underdog against fiat systems. Just because they usurped the name and BTC ticker for their fiat 2.0 system it does not mean they are winning the war. Its a clever tactic sure, but BCH is still the #1 cryptocurrency by market cap in the world, they have shifted some shells around in trickery, but Bitcoin-BCH is still fighting as the underdog against the oligarchs as it always has.
Not only this but the numerous problems in Lightning are acting as a bottleneck for development on Core. All this while BCH development is soaring with things like memo.cash, blockpress.com, cashshuffle protocol, chainbet protocol, SLP token protocol, colored coins, tokeda, and much more. Now that we have solved the scaling issue we can finally build again. All this while numerous services like Dell, Steam, Reddit, Rakuten, Stripe, Circle, Microsoft, Fiverr, Satoshidice, Changetip, Expedia, and many more stopped accepting Bitcoin Core, while Coinbase, Bitpay, coins.ph, satoshidice, tippr, purse.io, dark web all are adding BCH support.
They thought they could use censorship to shut us up. But now we are seeing that free speech is more popular than censored cult subreddits. We are battling some powerful oligarch interests. But they have vastly underestimated the spirit of the Honey Badger. There is a reason there is so much COINTELPRO trolling and dirty tricks being done to Bitcoin Cash and its supporters. There is a reason they need to use vote manipulation, shaming and bullying tactics, censorship, and dirty tricks to try to get us to shut our mouths. The truth is they are terrified of Bitcoin Cash and Satoshi's vision, which is why they need to use such tactics. They are doing whatever they can to pen the Honey Badger up in sheer desperation and terror that it will soon break loose ripping them limb from limb and devouring them whole.
I would like to mention that the recent turmoil in the BCH community over a November fork with different factions fighting each other is on a lot of people's minds. Some newbs may also be wondering about what is going on. They may be falling into the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt that is being pushed by a lot of Core trolls, as well as some genuine members of the BCH community. I would like to point out that these disputes are actually healthy. We don't want a system where one person or group controls things. We want a system where people are fighting for control. Its an economic incentive system with different factions competing. This is what keeps Bitcoin robust and was the genius of Satoshi's design. We don't need to worry about the troll wars because we have Nakamoto consensus as the whitepaper says:
They vote with their CPU power, expressing their acceptance of valid blocks by working on extending them and rejecting invalid blocks by refusing to work on them. Any needed rules and incentives can be enforced with this consensus mechanism"
Miners will decide what to support and the community should respect it. Many prominent BCH miners are also meeting in the next days to have a discussion on how to proceed with the protocol in November. The miners have put in their work and investment and have earned their right to vote on new rules. Most of us trolls have not, we are simply picketing outside the polling booth trying to influence how miners vote. They may care what the community thinks, but at the end of the day, Bitcoin is about self-interest, so they may also not necessarily care what the community thinks. Bitcoin was never designed as a democracy 1user 1 vote system as people like Core and Andreas Antonopoulos think. We should celebrate the fact that BCH has many competing implementations, compared to Core's centralized coin with BlockStream Gatekeepers. We also have miner groups challenging developers. Since the system was designed for miners to vote, this is obviously much healthier than developer dictatorships. Miners have much more skin in the game and are incentivized economically to make the right decision. Often times people forget Bitcoin is an economic incentive system.
So after getting a little bit of education, the point of this thread is to post and get free bits, especially for newbs that want to try Bitcoin for the first time. BlockStream admits BTC-Core is not for everyone. But we have news for them, BCH is for everyone!.
Post here and get some free bits. Bits is the historical unit for Bitcoin, but it also went extinct from the high fees on BTC-Legacy. Bits can only be feasible on BCH the real Bitcoin with low fees, it just doesn't work on Bitcoin-Legacy anymore. Coinbase and Bitpay had adopted bits before the fees killed it and my hope is they will embrace it for BCH again. There are 1 million bits in a BCH. If newbs have any questions please feel free to ask in the thread as well and get advice on anything, from potential coin splits, to how to use the tip bot, and withdraw to your own wallet, or other aspects about why Bitcoin-BCH is good, and why Bitcoin-BTC is so bad.
Reddit usage for tippr directions are here: https://www.reddit.com/tippwiki/reddit-usage
Information on chaintip the other tip bot is here: https://www.chaintip.org/
I suggest using the Bitcoin.com wallet for withdrawing BCH because they have BCH as default. You may also want to try the Bitpay wallet, which has some added features like a shapeshift button to change your btc-segwits into Bitcoin-BCH (bitcoin.com has this as well), as well as an amazon button to purchase amazon gift cards instantly in the BitPay app using Bitcoin. And there is a bitcoin BitPay debit card option in the app as well.
In the BitPay wallet you will need to add the BCH wallet as a second wallet as its not there by default. So press the + symbol and create new personal wallet, then choose coin BCH and back it up.
If you need to change between legacy and the new cashaddr format then use this tool: https://cashaddr.bitcoincash.org/
tippr stats are here
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I never realized what kind of people are running the main Bitcoin sub until now

EDIT/UPDATE please ignore typo I typed it out too fast *This is for those that came from the main sub to tell me that I missed the point or didn’t understand the situation: YOU are the one who missed the point. For a post like that to get over 4k upvotes, either the majority of the main sub isn't aware that Bitcoin Cash is a hard ford of Bitcoin or doesn’t understand forking (an exact copy of the original process which created a new process referred to as "child" that’s why BCH inherited the transaction history of Bitcoin). It MUST be called Bitcoin Cash instead of any other made-up names because that's the name of the project... claiming that using the name Bcash is to protect people from buying the wrong coin is ridiculous. It's more like trying to prevent people from finding out that Bitcoin Cash is just a hardfork of Bitcoin to address its fatal scaling weakness. I have been following the mainsub and witnessed people there making memes about Jihan Wu daily for months before the hardfork took place, circlejerking about him trying to control Bitcoin and ruin the whole thing (even though he's a big contributor and has the most to lose if Bitcoin fails) and then all the sudden it's all about Roger Ver since it's so convenient he made a huge mistake once so you can just keep calling him a fraud and pretend Bitcoin Cash is a fraud? Even seeing all the I still sided with Bitcoin Core until very recently, I explained it here: https://www.reddit.com/btc/comments/7k5gkb/i_never_realized_what_kind_of_people_are_running/drbqydh/
My Original Post *I actually had always believed that Bitcoin Core supporters were on the more rational side because of the sheer size its current market cap. This is no longer the case. I just saw a post with over 3k upvotes on the main sub that is supposed to be a parody that makes fun of Bitcoin Cash using a comparison of a newly founded Apple company who steals Apples code and the brand name and claims to be the original Apple. Here is the link: np.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/7k13zm/starting_a_new_company_called_apple_unlimited/
It is a horrible comparison because Bitcoin has been an open source project from the beginning and the whole idea is to have a free and decentralized ledger. Bitcoin core does not own any Bitcoin trademark, copy rights, tangible/intangible assets, and certainly not the Bitcoin brand (because all these things are nonexistent if you even have any basic understanding of what Bitcoin is) on top of that claiming that Bitcoin Cash stole Bitcoin code when the whole project is open source just makes it even more ridiculous. Somehow a post that would make whoever posted it look extremely ignorant got over 3k upvotes and the comments are filled with clueless people circlejerking each other.
I have just realized that the majority of Bitcoin Core supporters are just people that jumped on the "get-rich-quick train” and have no idea what Bitcoin is and have no clue about the fundamental purpose of any cryptocurrency (probably don't even know what a currency is in general).
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I want Core to lose control of the main Bitcoin chain because Core is a group of evil, dictatorial, bank-funded hoodlums with no ethics or honesty. They have single-handedly divided the Bitcoin space, introduced immeasurable toxicity and have prevented growth & innovation in the space for years.

I wish upon Blockstream and Core the same fate I wish the Federal Reserve.
That is all.
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Altcoin News: How Many BTC Is Outside the Main Bitcoin Blockchain?

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Altcoin News: How Many BTC Is Outside the Main Bitcoin Blockchain?

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What would happen if all bitcoin devs would lose access to main bitcoin repo?

And could no longer push updates? Would there be have to be a hard fork in order to make any future updates?
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Altcoin News: How Many BTC Is Outside the Main Bitcoin Blockchain?

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Can I buy my new bitcoins directly at Lighting Network? Without putting my new coins on the main Bitcoin blockchain?

When creating a LN channel -- 2 persons create a new "LN" address in the main bitcoin blockchain, right?
The Blockchain does not see transactions inside the "LN" address, right?

Can I get my new coins directly at the new "LN" address from third parties?
​In theory?
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Reminder: Off-chain solutions are not Bitcoin. You only have a true Bitcoin transaction if it is added and verified on the main Bitcoin blockchain. Permissioned side-chains and future Lightning hubs are attempts to centralize and steal away profit from miners who actually secure the network.

The only way to truly scale Bitcoin is to raise, remove or make the maximum blocksize adaptive. There will always be a market-based natural limit to how high blocks will get due to miners fear of losing a block reward.
Any off-chain solution isn't a real scaling solution. Period.
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[Store] All Keys and items @ 1.75$ per key. 600 Keys, AK CH Scar #661, Inventory. Want mainly Bitcoins (Maybe PayPal)

Hello Guys,
I'm planing to Shift from Asia to Canada.
I'm in need of real money. Therefore I'm selling my Inventory taking 1.75$ as the key price
Accepting BitCoins for now. Will send the item after 3 confirmations.
In very rare scenarios, will I accept Paypal (I'll look at your rep, your profile, Any VAC bans, etc)
Item Skin Wear Float SS B/O Comments
600 Keys - - - - 1050$ 1.75$ per key
Driver Gloves Lunar Weave MW 0.12 - 245$ Goes extremely well with CH, Night, UV, Black Pearl, Dopplers
AK CH 'Scar' WW 0.44 SS 1400$ AK Case Hardened #661 Pattern Index. Only 2 owners. Not duped
Five Seven CH FT 0.31 SS 96$ 5-7 #868 Pattern Index
Karambit CH FT 0.16 SS 400$ 99% Blue - Back Side Blue Gem. BTA Float
m4 Knight FN 0.004 - 240$ Low float Dragon Lore Item. 3x Fnatic Cologne 2016 Foil
Butterfly Night FT 0.28 - 80$ -
Butterfly CH MW 0.11 - 110$ -
Stattrak USP Orion FN 0.05 - 40$ 4x Fnatic MLG Columbus 2016
Desert Eagle Blaze FN 0.003 - 80$ BTA Float
Desert Eagle Blaze FN 0.02 - 55$ -
Stattrak AK Red Laminate MW 0.13 - 45$ 3x LGB Kato 2015, 1 CLG Holo Cologne 2016
I reserve the right to refuse any offer, if I find or suspect, anything shady about you. Since it's real money
Trade Offer
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Altcoin News: Lightning Labs Released a Desktop App for the Main Bitcoin Network

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Will Segwit2x Bitcoin Fork will become the main Bitcoin?

As per Newyork Agreement, 80% of the miners and exchanges supported Segwit2x.
Later, Few miners and exchanges withdrew their support but still the support is comfortably above 50%.
If BTC2x gets 60%+ support, It will only make Legacy Bitcoin payments super expensive and super slow. (Might take days to send coins)
As of now, BTC top personalities like Roger ver and Vinny Lingham openly supports Segwit2x and spending millions to make it successful.
Coinbase already had said they will show BTC2x forked coin as the main Bitcoin on their exchange and the legacy Bitcoin as BTC1. However, they later changed their tone to say we will go with the one market will support.
My Personal Opinion: Bitcoin forks only weaken the Cryptocurrency image and confuse noobs. Many think of forks easy riches for those who fork as Billions are created from Thin air. I believe that forks shouldn't happen and all upgrades should be made to the legacy coin.
What does market show: with the current market situation, It looks like Bitcoin2x could be worth as much as the Bitcoin now if they get 60%+ Miner and exchanges support. Legacy Bitcoin might loose value.
What everyone should do: People should hold their Bitcoin in the wallet where they own their private key. Because an exchange might not give them BTC2x and just in case BTC2x becomes the main coin, the legacy Bitcoin will tank badly; Therefore, Everyone who own a lot of Bitcoin in hot wallets will be very poor.
Please share your opinions in the comments section!
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Altcoin News: Lightning Labs Released a Desktop App for the Main Bitcoin Network

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OK, new, slightly different Q: which Bitcoin blockchain do WANT to become the main Bitcoin blockchain?

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Altcoin News: Lightning Labs Released a Desktop App for the Main Bitcoin Network

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Altcoin News: Lightning Labs Released a Desktop App for the Main Bitcoin Network

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MEINE BITCOIN TRADING STRATEGIE! Kryptowährungen deutsch ... ICH HABE ALLE MEINE BITCOIN VERKAUFT... - YouTube Maine Bitcoin اموزش ماین بیتکوین بیت BTC - YouTube Bitcoin über 10.000 - So geht's 2020 weiter! How to Mine Bitcoins Using Your Own Computer - YouTube

So findet man seine Bitcoin Adresse Dieses Problem dürfte so ziemlich jeder Nutzer von Bitcoin kennen: man hat sein persönliches Bitcoin Wallet eingerichtet und möchte sogleich mit den ersten Transaktionen loslegen. Man wird dann aber sogleich zunächst vor die große Frage gestellt, wo denn eigentlich die eigene Bitcoin Adresse verborgen ist. Die Antwort ist aber… Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Dogecoin with cash. Minimum: $10 Maximum: $5000 Fee: $2.50 Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 9PM Sunday: 11AM - 6PM. See on Coin ATM Radar . LIMITS Anonymous limit: $500 Limit with Phone: $2000 Limit with ID: $5000 Maine Bitcoin LLC Menu. Menu. Home; Map; Buy; Sell; Learn; Contact; Close. Buy; Sell; Learn; Google Maps; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Buy Crypto . Buy bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash, monero, and dogecoin at any of our locations. Locations. Sell Crypto. If you need to sell, we're buying. Visit one of our locations and be paid in cash, or sell online. Sell Locations Sell Online. Learn More ... Bitcoin ATMs in Maine, United States Total number of Bitcoin ATMs / Tellers in Maine, ME: 19. Coins: Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning BTC (LBTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ether (ETH) Dash (DASH) Litecoin (LTC) Zcash (ZEC) Monero (XMR) Dogecoin (DOGE) Tether (USDT) Ripple (XRP) Operations: Buy Sell. Location type: ATM Teller Other "Other" services are visible with larger zoom. Zoom in. Featured operators in ... Buy Bitcoin online near Maine,USA or in any country, supporting 80+ payment methods. Buy Bitcoin in via. Recent Bitcoin Listings. Seller Payment Method Price / BTC Buy Now; johang01 (1000+; 100%) Transfers with specific bank: 11599.00: Buy now: MichaelBracamonte (30+; 100%) Moneygram: 11620.50: Buy now: luisferloro (500+; 98%) advcash: 11675.00: Buy now: Mark_ve (500+; 100%) Transfers with ...

[index] [7514] [9527] [17080] [51461] [16925] [35709] [38612] [28700] [13998] [30364]

MEINE BITCOIN TRADING STRATEGIE! Kryptowährungen deutsch ...

MEINE BITCOIN TRADING STRATEGIE! Kryptowährungen deutsch Sichere dir 60$ & 50$ bei bybit: https://www.bybit.com/app/register?affiliate_id=1153&language=en&... Zu Besuch in der Bitcoin-Mine: Hier fließt die virtuelle Währung in Millionenhöhe. Mehr Galileo: http://www.galileo.tv/ Galileo auf YouTube abonnieren: htt... Start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency here: http://bit.ly/2Vptr2X IMPORTANT!! This method only illustrates how mining works. You will not make any money f... Video topics : - 1) video me maine bataya hai ki kaisae maine 8 November 2015 ko Unocoin me apne bitcoin ko sell kiya hai. 2) mere pass kuch bitcoin the jinko maine 8 November 2015 ko sell kar ... Bitcoin zu 95% bei 100.000 EUR in 2020 (Stock to Flow Ratio) - Duration: 11:05. Dr. Julian Hosp - Bitcoin, Aktien, Gold und Co. 60,947 views. 11:05. Bitcoins Erklärung: In nur 12 Min. Bitcoin ...