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Aeternity is аn open-source decentralized apps platform utilizing next generation, highly scalable, public blockchain technology. Its off-chain smart contracts use real-world and real-time data by interacting with built-in oracles.. Aeternity coin is envisioned to be an open-source, distributed computing platform that builds upon public blockchain technology. æternity’s primary goals are ... To understand Bitcoin, it is important to understand Bitcoin mining, which is the process by which Bitcoin are created. While mining is complex, the basic idea is that each time a Bitcoin transaction is made between two people, the transaction is logged digitally by computers in a transaction log that describes all the details of the transaction (like the time, and who owns how many Bitcoins). [3] Pseudonymity, a word derived from pseudonym, meaning «false name», is a state of disguised identity.The pseudonym identifies a holder, that is, one or more human beings who possess but do not disclose their true names (that is, legal identities).Most pseudonym holders use pseudonyms because they wish to remain anonymous, but anonymity is difficult to achieve, and is often fraught with legal ... Bitcoin. comments; other discussions (1) Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. English; limit my search to r/Bitcoin. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" find submissions from "" url:text search for "text" in url selftext:text search for ... Ontology and IdentityMind are both built upon creating a foundation of trust upon which today’s digital economy can operate”. Also, read: Ontology Enters Gaming Industry with Partnership with Cocos. Why IdentityMind seems to be the right partner. IdentityMind is a pioneer in the Trusted Digital Identity space. Its product offering includes ...

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