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Thoughts on the ratio, the future & the path forward

Disclaimer: I'm an online rando, not a licensed financial advisor. DYODD.
In light of recent angst about the BTC/ETH ratio & choppy price action, perhaps the following will be useful to ground your thinking about what Ethereum represents, its path to success & how you personally might approach it.
I grew up in Eastern Europe. My family was relatively well off: after the Iron Curtain fell in 1989, my father got a Fulbright scholarship at Stanford. He returned with dollars and, more importantly, American connections.
He constantly talked about how the future was going to be defined by the Internet.
I was a kid. Whatever "the Internet" was supposed to be, I was way more interested in playing Spectre and messing around with ClarisWorks on the PowerBook 100 my dad had brought back. In my defense: I was 6 & English isn't my first language.
My dad turned out to be right. But through the 90s & beyond, the Internet didn't always seem to be what the future will be built on.
A casual look @ how long it took the web to reach maturity:
1980 through 1990: Invention, experimentation & backbone. MUDs & BBSs dominated. In 1990, a version of HTML that can be approximately called "usable" becomes available.
1990 through 1994: Early adoption, basic protocols & functionality. The first real web browser, Mosaic, launches. Significant web presence from universities, research institutions and large media entities or businesses. "Online for dummies" portals like AOL, Compuserve & Prodigy become common-place. Bryant Gumbel's infamous "What is Internet, anyway" moment turns out to be a seminal point of inflection for popular perception of web use & the utility of being online.
1994 through 1998: Consolidation, increased adoption, commercialization, disruption. Home & workplace use, ISPs & online purchases all show exponential growth. People joke around water coolers about using AOL trial CDs as coasters. Netscape makes web browsing more intuitive & integrates protocols (http, ftp, gopher, usenet, smtp/pop) into a single program. "You've got mail" segues from niche nerd activity into pop culture phenom. Edge technologies like peer-to-peer sharing become existential threats to decade-old business models, with significant legal and political implications. Online presence becomes mandatory for most businesses. Future giants like Google, Amazon & Ebay/PayPal explore & expand new ways of monetizing online space.
1998 through 2003: Commoditization, dot.com boom & bust cycle. Large proliferation of risky or poorly thought-out ventures, violent subsequent contraction. Pets.com happens a thousand times over. Teens begin to tune into early social media: Friendster, Hotornot, Myspace, Xanga. Popular culture becomes permeated by all things Internet, with signs of exhaustion due to overexposure. Through peaks & valleys, Fortune 100 players, old & new, scramble to firm up their respective beach-heads into cyberspace, praise be upon our once & future prophet, William Gibson.
2003 through 2007: Ubiquity. Internet is now an inextricable part of the desktop experience. Venture capital is in a perpetual arms race to fund "Web 2.0," a more accessible, secure & well-integrated way of experiencing online activity. Network advantages displace also-rans, with Google, Amazon and Facebook increasingly dominating "mind-share." Internationally, online conglomerates graduate into billion-dollar businesses. New business models crop up online. YouTube, 4chan and SomethingAwful are part of growing up for millions of teens.
2007 through present: Ubiquity, cubed. Internet becomes hyper-accessible & necessary to key aspects of contemporary life. Major parts of law, medicine, finance and governance are now highly dependent on online activity. With smart phones available for price points below $30, a significant majority of human beings on the planet can interact with the most powerful & immediate way of accessing information we've ever built on a mass scale. Content consumption and creation explodes. Instant messaging, video-conferencing, geo-location sevices & flexible payment models become trivial aspects of every-day life.
That's three decades for the Internet & its main interface, the web, to reach maturity.
Blockchain was initially parameterized in 1991. Bitcoin began in 2008. Ethereum was proposed in 2013.
If we compare blockchain in general & Ethereum in particular to the development and eventual domination of the Internet, we're barely making headway through the second phase: early adoption, basic protocols & functionality. There's disruption & early commercialization, especially with defi & supply chains, but wide-spread adoption & killer "Keep It Simple, Stupid" apps akin to Netscape aren't here yet.
Took a while to get here, but here's my first basic point:
It's very, very early on in the journey.
In some ways, blockchain & Ethereum are like the Internet in that they represent radical new technologies.
In some ways, blockchain & Ethereum are unlike the Internet.
Thin protocols like http, ftp, email, etc, simply move data around. Value is captured by entities which acquire data: Google, Amazon, Ebay, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter.
Fat protocols like any variety of blockchains both move data around AND store it. Value is captured in the protocol itself.
My second basic point:
Based on objective data such as network use and development activity, Ethereum is the run-away front-runner when it comes to public, un-permissioned blockchains.
We're firmly in the "overestimating early adoption/change" phase of blockchain & cyrpto-currency. Multiple projects in the top 25 by marketcap metric are of dubious technical & financial value. Some exchanges engage in market-distorting practices. Fraudulent "personalities" in the space still command significant attention. There is material risk to involvement in the early stages of any venture, blockchain & Ethereum included.
But: The flip to "overestimating early adoption/change" is "underestimating long term adoption/change."
If my first two points are accurate, then 2019 is to crypto what 1994 was to the Internet, and we can barely imagine the degree to which the world will run on blockchain in 2029.
If you're reading this, you're part of the 0.001% smart or lucky enough to understand what future is being built on, the same way that my father knew how the Internet will shape these last three decades.
You have a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Things like the BTC/ETH ratio & 20% fiat valuation drops represent trivial noise in a broader landscape defined by tectonic realignments in technology, finance and politics.
In conclusion, I'd like to encourage everybody to consider:
  • What scale are you thinking on?
  • What timeline are you thinking on?
  • Are you aiming for something life-changing or not?
I know what my answers are.
Good luck & god speed, brothers & sisters.
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