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Interesting and educational video lectures to present a software engineering team

My team has a tradition of taking one hour a week to watch video lectures as a broad technical enrichment promotion.
I'm asking here if anyone knows a good repository that collects such lectures. Less than 1 hour Of some technical nature Well explained Preferably captivating
Please note that TED lectures prove to be too high level, and lack just a little bit of technical explanation to leave an engineer with that feeling of "I now understand something a little bit deeper". Also, it's hard to use youtube's advanced search for such broad terms.
Here are some lectures we've hosted:
  1. Bitcoin - Distributed ledger, and how it works 1.1 This was an in-depth study including the math behind the proof of work concept.
  2. Gradle - Novice to master 2.1 This was an exploration into an alternative build system to maven, which everyone was familiar with.
  3. SSH encription - how it works 3.1 This was a curiosity of one of our team mates, also heavy with math
  4. Raft consensus algorithm 4.1 This was about how reliable replication can be achieved in a distributed system. There was an explanation of the problem space, and a run through the solving algorithm
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The Money GPS - YouTube Macro Voices - YouTube Telusko - YouTube Getting Started - Installing Octopus Deploy SOACS plus DevCS - Chapter 12 - Populating Remote Maven Repository

A Maven staging repository for use with automated build tools - keepkey/mbhd-maven As regular readers will be aware, I do a lot of work within the Bitcoin community contributing code wherever I can. ... Imagine that some malicious developer, Mallory, was able to gain write access to a Maven repository that you used as part of your development. Mallory knows from examining your pom.xml that you depend on several artifacts which are served from this repository and so he sets ... Trying to access Oracle's Maven repository oracle,maven,repository I'm attempting to access Oracle's repository. Oracle doesn't make it easy. However, I'm attempting to follow the documentation that Oracle provided. I've: Approved the licensing agreement on my system (in case there's some sort of cookie that needs to be set). Set both M2_HOME ... This element specifies how often updates should attempt to occur. Maven will compare the local POM's timestamp (stored in a repository's maven-metadata file) to the remote. The choices are: always, daily (default), interval:X (where X is an integer in minutes) or never. Try to set it to always. Maven Plugins; Mocking; Object/Relational Mapping; PDF Libraries; Top Categories; bitcoin. Sort: popular newest. 1. BitCoinJ 59 usages. org.bitcoinj » bitcoinj-core Apache. A Java Bitcoin library Last Release on Mar 8, 2020 2. Bitcoin S Core 10 usages. org.bitcoin-s » bitcoin-s-core MIT. bitcoin-s-core Last Release on Mar 19, 2020 3. BitCoinJ 9 usages. » bitcoinj Apache. A Java ...

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The Money GPS - YouTube This episodes shows you the step by step instructions and commands that you'll need to create your very first Dockerfile, build a Doc... Hey Aliens!!! I make free programming tutorials from beginner to advanced level That includes Java for beginner, Advanced Java, Python, Android, Blockchain, ... There are many good programming tutorials on Youtube, but I found that most of them are very long and not to the point. I decided to open a YT channel to upload precise & short videos to give some ... Material de apoio para a Feira Goiana de Software Livre 2015 Mostrando como configurar o repositório local do Maven na máquina de Integração Contínua. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.